1. How to sign up to the App?
      Create an account clicking on the sign up button and enter the details asked for (Username,emailaddress, contact number, age, password-user can choose their own password)

    2. How do I search for a location?       
      Search Option 1: There is a search bar on the Explore page of the app which will list down all the locations according to your search result. Scroll through the listings to find the location you want. 

      Search option 2: Choose the Property type you'd like to book (eg. Apartments, Bungalows etc.) on the homepage of the app. Then, select the appropriate TAG’s based on the location features you are looking for.

    3. How do I save my locations to “My Collection”?
      Click on the heart which is on the top right corner of every location to save it to My Collection.

    4. How do I book Recce date through App?
      Click on the location you want to book
      a) You will then see 2 options - SCOUT or BOOK
      b) For Recce, click on Scout. Enter Scout details (Production name and Date of Scout is mandatory,     other information like Project name, number of people is optional)
      c) Then send request and Recce team will revert back to you   within 24 hours.

    5. How to book a location?
      Click on the location you want to book

              a)You will see 2 options - SCOUT or BOOK.
              b)Review your booking details to make
               sure everything is correct.

              c)Add dates for Setup and Dismental.
              d)Add your payment information
              e)The status of your booking, will be
                 updated via email.

    1. Whom do I contact for clarification related to my bookings?
      Go to you Profile and click on Contact us. You can either send us an email (
      [email protected]) or call the appointed Recce executive at the time of the booking.

    2. How can I cancel my booking request?
      *  Go to your past bookings
      *  Click on booking you wish to cancel.
      *  Click on Cancel This Booking

              Make sure you read the Cancellation Policy before cancelling your booking.

    1. Can I book on behalf of my colleague?
      If your colleague has sent you a link, you can open the link and book the location. But you have to make sure that the booking is done on YOUR behalf and not theirs.
      The recce points that you get for the booking that is done on your behalf go to your account.

    2. How do I check the status of my booking as a user?
      Go on your profile and select ‘Active bookings’ on the Recce app or website, you will see the status of all your bookings.

    3. What Happens if my booking request is declined or expires?
      If your booking request is declined by Recce or expires, and Recce didn’t respond within 24 hours, no charge is made for the reservation.
      Booking request is declined if there are multiple people looking for the same property and recce has already received the booking payment from some other party. If you want the same location you can select different dates and send request to the recce team or search for similar alternate locations on the app.

    4. How do I earn Recce points?
      When the user books a location from “Recce Picks” recce points will be added to the users account which can be redeemed on the locations booked later.

    5. What are the different modes of payment?
      After you select your country, all of your payment details will be shown
      Payment options may include:

                a)Major credit cards/debit cards
                b)Net banking/NEFT

    1. Why didn’t I get my email Notification?
      If you didn’t receive an email notification from Recce team, there are a few steps you can try to figure out the issue.
      a. Check the email address updated in your profile on the app
      b. To see or change the email address associated with your account, log in to your Recce account and follow the steps below:
      c. Go to Edit Profile and check your email address incase of any corrections update and save.
      d. Check your spam mails.
      e. Check your email account, search for terms like "Recce", "reservation", "verification", or other words related to the email you're looking for.

    And if you are still facing problems not getting your email, you can write a mail at [email protected].

    1. How do I edit my account setting or profile?
      Go to your profile page on your Recce app, and click on the pen sign on top right of the screen and edit the profile.

    2. Can I make changes to pending booking request?
      Yes. If the request hasn’t been accepted by us, you can cancel the request and send a new one with the updated booking details.

    3. In how much time will i get a response for my booking request?
      Ideally if the reservation is made 7 days before booking, Recce will respond within 12-24 hours. If reservation is made in lesser days eg. 5 days before booking, expect a call from recce within 2 to 4 hours of booking.

    4. What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of Recce website/app?
      We will never ask you to pay for anything outside of our website/app or via email.
      Please inform/write to us on
      [email protected] and notify for the same.


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