BUNGALOW - Royal Bungalow. ID No. 237

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Permitted Space

  • All areas are available for shoot.

About The Location

  • This bungalow is situated in the Mumbai suburbs having a beautiful old time feel to it. It has a white pillared exterior, veranda and bevelled window with wooden frames which gives it North Indian feel of 80s . It can be shown as a house of a rich person or government officers house as well. It has a fully furnished hall where we can do the normal changes of propping up or painting the walls as per our convenience, it also has a dining area overlooking lawn and 2 bedrooms with a huge bathroom. It has ample space inside the bungalow compound to park a generator and has a specific base area for food and holding for junior artist. Ample parking is available in the adjacent compound at the very less cost for vanity and extra generator parking.


  • Water available:YES
  • AC available:YES
  • Makeup rooms available:YES
  • Washrooms available:YES
  • Props available:YES
  • Catering/dining area available:YES
  • Holding area available:YES


  • 10KVWH


  • Ample parking is available in the nearby compound at a very less cost.


  • Transport: Roadways railways
  • Close to: stationery market hardware
  • Hospital within approx 3 to 5kms
  • Hotel nearby (3-5 stars)
  • Wifi NOT available

      1) Approx 100 crew members allowed.

      2)Premises must be cleaned and handed over in the given condition by production before leaving the property.

      3)NO smoking/drinking inside premises.

      4)Overtime is chargeable.

      5) Shooting is only allowed upto 10 pm.

      6) Once the colour is changed dismantle will be charged and walls has to be repainted and given in as it is condition.

      7) Damages to any of the props are chargeable.

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