FACTORY - Empty Mill Floor. ID No. 174

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Permitted Space

  • All areas are available for shoot.

About The Location

  • This is an empty and spacious mill located in Goregaon and is easily accessible via roadways and railways. It has concrete flooring , pillars,staircase and windows with grills on all the sides with hanging tube lights and fans from the ceiling. All the waste material like used cartons, papers, weared out parts etc are available giving it a dingy look.The walls are partly painted white that gives it a little cemented and rugged feel.There are white plastic doors parting the whole mill. (Code no 1)


  • Water available:NO
  • AC available:NO
  • Make up rooms available:NO
  • Washrooms available:NO
  • Props available:NO
  • Catering/dining area available:NO
  • Holding area available:YES


  • Not available (Generator required)


  • 1 Generator 2 double door Vanity 1 tempo


  • Transport: Roadways railways
  • Close to: stationery market hardware
  • Hospital within approx 3 to 5kms
  • Hotel nearby (3-5 stars)
  • Wifi NOT available

      1) Approx 100 crew members allowed.

      2)Premises must be cleaned and handed over in the given condition by production before leaving the property.

      3)NO smoking/drinking inside premises.

      4)Overtime is chargeable.

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